Club Rocket Build Project

Edmonton Rocketry Club Group Rocket Build Project

In March of 2016 we received an email from Sunward Hobbies.

“To promote rocketry across Canada, Sunward will sponsor qualifying clubs with a free CTI ProX line of rocket motors.”

This was for new build projects only, and for a Pro75 motor and below.

We were very excited to take part of this project at our March meeting.Our club member Art was very kind to donate this fiberglass kit for our group project.

The kit is a Mad Dog 6 from Mad Cow Rocketry. This 6 inch diameter rocket is over 9 feet tall, it has a 98mm motor mount and build weight is just over 29 lbs

Over the period of 10 months with build sessions one Saturday a month we completed the project ready to fly for our 2017 Fire And Ice launch.

YouTube Video

Fire And Ice Launch February 18, 2017

Parts laid out to be cleaned and sanded before assembly

JB Weld centering rings to motor mount

U bolts installed to top motor mount centering ring with kevlar harness

Installing motor mount into lower air frame

View of 98mm motor retainer

Foam board fin guide to keep fins aligned while

JB Weld on fin roots cure to motor mount

Internal fillets injected with West System epoxy and chopped carbon fiber

Making external fillets with West System epoxy and Colloidal Silica
as a filler to the consistency of peanut butter

Inside view of epoxied centering ring to air frame and motor mount

Nose cone bulk plate epoxied into nose cone coupler

AV bay parts

3D printed sled with electronics

AV bay assembled

YouTube Video

Ground testing deploy charges, video only shows main chute charge.
Drogue charge was also tested.
Both drogue and main chutes will use 4 grams of 4F black powder

Assembled and ready for paint

Parts primed

Add some color                

Group shots of our team that built this small rocket :)

Front view

Back view

Bottom view