Welcome to the Edmonton Rocketry Club’s Website!

The ERC hosts several events throughout the year, as well as being invited to other events to showcase rocketry.

Please scroll down to see our “2022 Event Calendar” and “Details for Meetings, Launches and Events”.

2022 Event Calendar:


23-25 - Sullivan Lake High-Power Launch hosted by the Calgary Rocketry Club - CANCELLED due to fire ban

24 - ERC Model Launch in Calmar (9am – 12pm) - CANCELLED due to fire ban

24 - Book Launch: "Mortimer: Rat Race to Space: by Joan Marie Galat (2pm @ Audrey's Books; More info HERE)


8 - ERC In-Person Eagle Build Session @ TWOSE (7pm); in preparation for Jasper Dark Sky Festival

15 - Fall Fire High-Power Launch in Kitscoty, AB, hosted by the Saskatoon Rocketry Society (More info HERE)

21-22 - ERC @ Jasper Dark Sky Festival (More info HERE)


12 - ERC Model Launch in Calmar (1pm – 4pm); If launch is cancelled due to weather we will have an ERC Monthly Meeting via Zoom instead. (7pm)


10 - ERC Christmas Dinner (Time & Location TBA)

Details for Meetings, Launches and Events:

ERC Monthly Meetings:

The ERC’s monthly meetings are free and all ages are welcome!

Come join us and meet other people interested in model rockets, join in our group discussion about anything rocket related, find out about upcoming rocket launches and other events, get help with your model rocket builds, and enjoy or participate in our “Rocket Show & Tell” presentations towards the end of each meeting.

Please Note:

Our monthly club meetings are normally held at Telus World of Science. However, due to current world events we will be having our meetings over Zoom video conferencing until further notice. To receive the zoom link and join our monthly meeting, please email us at:

ERC Model Launches in Calmar, AB:

PLEASE NOTE: Our launch location in Calmar is located on private property and unless it is pre-booked by the ERC with the property owner and permission is granted to us, the field is not to be accessed outside of our club events! This means rocket launching is not permitted unless it is during one of our posted Model Rocket Launch dates and times.

The ERC Model Launches are being held in Calmar, AB, approximately 23 minutes from West Edmonton. Everyone is welcome to attend!

All you need to bring is your model rocket, motors and igniters. Launch pads, controllers and ejection wadding will be provided.

Launch Site Location:

Large open field next to the Royal Canadian Legion parking lot, 4815 – 47 Street, Calmar, AB T0C 0V0

(Click HERE for Directions to Launch Site)

Launch Fees (for the day):

Our Calmar launch site is covered under CAR (Canadian Association of Rocketry) insurance and the cost of $5 (for the day) per Non-CAR member will be collected at each model launch in addition to the ERC launch fee. The below prices are for the day and include both fees where applicable, up to a maximum of $10:

ERC Members:

ERC Member + CAR Member (with proof of active membership) = $0

ERC Member + Non-CAR Member = $5

Non-ERC Members:

Non-ERC Member (Senior, 18 and older) + CAR Member (with proof of active membership) = $5

Non-ERC Member (Junior, 17 and under) + CAR Member (with proof of active membership) = $0

Non-ERC Member (Senior, 18 and older) + Non-CAR Member = $10

Non-ERC Member (Junior, 17 and under) + Non-CAR Member = $5

Next Launch: November 12, 2022

Please check back here before heading out to the launch site. We will announce if the launch is a go or if we have to cancel due to bad weather!

We hope that you will join us for this exciting event!

ERC Rocketry Garage Sale & Swap Meet:

On Saturday, May 14, 2022 the ERC had its first Annual ERC Garage Sale. A big thanks to Jazz and Les at Solutions Controls for providing us the venue to hold this event. A good time was had by everyone as we roamed around checking out everyone’s rockets for sale and swapping rocketry stories and build techniques. We wrapped up the night by raffling off a vintage ESTES SR-X model rocket kit.

Another big thanks to the following for their donations: Paul for donating a Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Fighter model kit. Ron for donating an Alpha 3 launch system, twelve C motors and an Estes Mongoose Rocket Kit. Craig for donating 9 motors. All these items will be used to promote our sport and our club at future events.

Thank you and we look forward to another ERC Garage Sale in 2023!

AARM 50+2:

Click HERE for more details.

ERC High-Power Launch - Fire & Ice:

Click HERE for more details.