Photo Gallery

September 23, 2023 Club Launch Photos

A bit windy, so we moved to the opposite side of the field. We had a great turnout and launched many rockets. Thank you to everyone that attended.

November 6, 2021 Club Launch Photos

A perfect November day for launching rockets. Thank you all that attended.

July 3, 2021 Club Launch Photos

Our first club launch of the year. Thank you all that attended, we had a great day for weather and launches.

Our New Wireless Launch System

We have acquired a wireless launch system and want to thank Tripoli for their funding contribution that helped make it happen.

A big Thank You also to David B for building the system.

We would also like to thank Z.O. for his contribution.

Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2020

ERC is honoured to have been part of the Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2020!

Take a look at our photos on our Facebook page: ERC @ JDSF 2020 Photos

Fire & Ice 2020 

Launch photos

July 20, 2019 ERC Rocket Launch at TWOSE For 50th Anniversay Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Edmonton Rocketry Club at Telus World of Science Edmonton launched 50 ERC Eagles given to children to fly and take home. TWOSE launched 10 Saturn V rockets as well.

ERC Rocket Launch 7:32 AM July 16, 2019

This launch was part of the Global Rocket Launch and to coincide with the same time the Apollo 11 Saturn V launched 50 years ago.

ERC display during Astronomy Days at TWOSE May 11, 2019

ERC display during Astronomy Days at TWOSE May 11, 2019.

ERC at Jasper Dark Sky October 20, 2018.

ERC display table.

ERC with Telus World Of Science Launch.   

Mid-power Aerotech Initiator.

Mid-power Aerotech Strongarm.

Fire And Ice February 24, 2018

Clearing the field for our launch site :)

Field setup with Launch Controls, Model Pads and High Power Pads.

Mike's Endeavor flying on a CTI J280 Smokey Sam.

Edmonton Rocketry Club Build & Launch Event At Telus World Of Science

August 12, 2017 the ERC had a build and launch session at TWOS.  A great group attended this event which included building rocket kits in the afternoon and a launch in the evening.

July 1, 2017 Canada Day 150 Launch At Telus World Of Science

Book Launch at TWOSE December 3, 2016

Display Table At Telus World Of Science.

Bon Accord Equinox Event, September 24, 2016
ERC display table.

AGM - 33 Pike with Chris Hadfield's Signature.

Fire & Ice 2016
Dale M's scratch built rocket flying on a K-535 Skidmark motor