Where can I launch in Edmonton?

Edmonton unfortunately has a bylaw necessitating a permit for any rocket launch occurring on public property ie: any city-owned park or playground; Sherwood Park has a similar bylaw.  St. Albert & Devon do not have any such bylaws but please check with the property owner before launching any rockets. The ERC frequently launches in Calmar.

PLEASE NOTE: Our launch location in Calmar is located on private property and unless it is pre-booked by the ERC with the property owner and permission is granted to us, the field is not to be accessed outside of our club events! This means rocket launching is not permitted unless it is during one of our posted Model Rocket Launch dates and times.

How do I get my High Power Rocketry Level 1 certification?

The full process is explained on the Canadian Associate of Rocketry (CAR) website here.  You first need to write an exam administered by a CAR representative, once you've passed the test you then need to make a successful H-impulse flight at a sanctioned launch.

Also, the ERC is offering a High Power Mentorship Program to its members to help you with the process of achieving your certification. For more details, please check our ERC Membership tab.

What is the difference between model rockets and high power rockets?

CAR defines a high powered rocket to be one that either weighs 1500 grams or more, or is powered by an H-impulse motor or greater.

What is a mid power rocket?

The term 'mid power rocket' is used by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), an organization in the United States dedicated to promoting the rocketry hobby in the US.  They use 'mid power' to define a sub category of model rocket motors meaning motors in the E, F, and G range.